Timber and Steel Artist’s Top Albums (2017)
Bill Hunt – Upwey Nominated by Liam Gale (Liam Gale & the Ponytails) Alex (violin) and Bill during the studio sessions for
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Autumn leaves
Autumn Lovers
Streetlight lamplit autumn coloured leaves Rustle and huddle together Scarlet cheeks shying away, from the cool morning breeze's, amorous advances
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Such a pretty sight
Still burned around the edges With the final glowing embers Of a love that strayed. And you know before the
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At the Townie with Whiskey Empire
The Whiskey Empire fills the Townie (Newtown) with sweet rock 'n' soul with a stiff shot of rhythm and blues.
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David Levell (The Mysterious Universe) review – Upwey
Just got hold of Bill Hunt’s new CD "Upwey", and so, with the jacks all in their boxes, time for
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What You Choose (rough mix version with not-so-heavenly choir)
A rough mix of What You Choose including backing vocals that weren’t good enough for the final mix.
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Music Feeds single review: Sea of Love
The video for his single Sea of Love came out last week, and it’s a cruisy, bluesy, folk affair. There’s
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Words about Music review: Upwey
The bossa-swung ‘Sea of Love’ flows with ripples of lust and desire. The lyrics here trip over themselves, tumble more
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  1. Canute was no Fool (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:18
  2. Van Gogh Print (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:34
  3. Torch Song (acoustic) Bill Hunt 2:46
  4. Everything is Going to Change (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:32
  5. Your Move (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:06
  6. Sea of Love (acoustic) Bill Hunt 3:28
  7. Bill Hunt - Sea of Love (from the album Upwey) Bill Hunt 4:20
  8. Bill Hunt - Song 55 (from the album Upwey) 4:10